The new NeverNull Starter

The new NeverNull Starter (formerly known as RemoteUI Starter) is online.

Here are the changes that will make your life easier:

  • Fully up to date with the latest commits from the official Spring Initializr.
  • You can now generate projects for Java 8 and 10 (!). Additionally, Kotlin 1.2 and Groovy 2.4 are supported.
  • Numerous new starter modules were added by the Spring Team. One of our favorites is Embedded MongoDB, which allows for super-rapid app prototyping.
  • The Gradle support was buggy and is fixed now.
  • With the great help of the Spring Tools Team, we were also able to fix a problem with Spring Tool Suite and our version of the starter. We say thank you to Martin Lippert and his team.

With the NeverNull Starter, it is possible to create, build and run a mobile app on a real device within less than 60 seconds. Start YOUR app project now!