The MobileUI Framework for you

We are happy to announce, that as of today the MobileUI Framework is publicly available.  You can download it for free from our brand new product page:

MobileUI brings cross-platform app development for iOS and Android with Java and Kotlin. Why is that so cool?

  • MobileUI uses native widgets for cross-platform UI that have the amazing performance everybody loves.
  • MobileUI brings Android’s layout system to iOS to make developers happy. You only need one XML layout for both platforms!
  • MobileUI uses CSS for styling and has a template engine that is easy to use and really mighty in bringing adaptive interfaces to all kinds of devices.
  • MobileUI runs on top of the Android Runtime and RoboVM on iOS. You have full Java and Kotlin support. Yes, you can reuse your Java libraries!
  • MobileUI comes with our Android Studio Plugin and leverages Gradle to build the apps. No need to switch IDEs or build tools if you are an Android developer!

The MobileUI Framework comes as Free Edition with the above features. Additionally, we have an even greater Purple Edition in the making that will give you more features and development pace.

We are happy about your feedback. Try MobileUI today and let us know, how you like it. You can contact us over the MobileUI Spectrum Chat.

Now, let’s build apps that rock!