Build great apps for iOS and Android that run on your device with…

  • Native user interfaces with superb performance
  • An adaptive layout engine using XML templates and UI-databinding
  • Beautiful APIs to use with Java and Kotlin
  • A versatile UI library with Maps, Charts, Animations and Video
  • Native plugins for Push Messaging, Geolocation, Camera, Fingerprint Authentication and many more.


Extend your app with native features.

  • Use the power of dependency injection to integrate our great existing plugins with a few lines of code.
  • Realize native functionality with Java or Kotlin on Android and iOS.
  • Build full-stack functionality by sharing your Java/Kotlin code between mobile and backend.
  • Profit from the bare-metal performance of a typed language compiled into machine code on Android and iOS.

Make your app special with

Geolocation|Compass|Motion Sensors|Sharing Integration|Camera for Photos and Videos|Fingerprint Authentication|Background Mode|Bluetooth|Interprocess Communication|Contacts|SQLite|OrmLite|E-Mail Integration|Bluetooth Beacons|Augmented Reality|Local Storage|Offline Sync|In-App Purchase|Notifications|Native Audio|Advanced Networking|NFC|QR Code Scanner|SMS|Face ID|Vibration|Video Playback|Deep Linking


Cross platform development with pace 😃

  • Develop for all platforms with IntelliJ IDEA and Gradle with full dependency support.
  • Use the MobileUI IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for lightning-fast project setup.
  • Work with the MobileUI Live Preview to see layout changes instantly at runtime.
  • Debug, and analyze your business logic running on every device or emulator.

Are you interested in developing with MobileUI?