Build great apps for iOS and Android. We have for you…

  • Native user interfaces with superb performance
  • An adaptive layout engine using XML templates and UI-databinding
  • Beautiful APIs to use with Java, Kotlin or Groovy
  • A versatile UI library with Maps, Charts, Animations and Video
  • Native plugins for Push Messaging, Geolocation, Camera, Fingerprint Authentication and many more.

Get an impression of the possibilities!
Download the RemoteUI GALLERY on Google Play.

Get the RemoteUI GALLERY on Google Play


Mobilize your Data – instantly.

  • Use the power of the Spring Framework to integrate hundreds of existing systems within minutes.
  • Bind data from every database and service to the user interface. No additional service layers or sync logic is required.
  • Execute computations in the cloud. No restrictions on CPU, memory or implementation.
  • Profit from server-push and watch your data change in real time.
  • Count on our incredibly fast protocol to serve your data even in slow networks.

Built-in integration with

Oracle Database|IBM DB2|Microsoft SQL Server|SAP HANA|MySQL|PostgreSQL|H2|MariaDB|VoltDB|MongoDB|Couchbase|RethinkDB|Redis|CouchDB|Elastic Search|Cassandra|Hadoop|Riak|Neo4J|ArangoDB|OrientDB|TITAN|GemFire|Hazelcast|Apache Solr|Microsoft Sharepoint|Salesforce|LDAP


Your Favorite Tools + RemoteUI = ❤

  • Develop with Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Netbeans, Visual Studio Code or Atom.
  • Build with Maven or Gradle and full dependency support.
  • Use the RemoteUI Starter and RemoteUI Clients for lightning-fast project setup.
  • Create, build and start your apps on physical devices within seconds.
  • Use RemoteUI Live Preview & Reload to see code changes instantly at runtime.
  • Debug, and analyze your business logic directly within your JVM.